Organization Improvement Systems


We are behavioral scientists that understand organizational systems, how work is done, and how people behave. We coordinate major change efforts, facilitate meetings, conduct workshops, act as neutral third party for conflicts, and coach management.

We offer the following programs:

  • Managing complex systems change
  • Organizational assessment
  • Developing common vision and goals
  • Workplace diversity
  • Building high performance teams
  • Job role clarity
  • Conflict management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership styles
  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Supervisory and management development
  • Training of trainers and consultants
  • Personal development
  • Conference and meeting facilitation

OIS programs are characterized by the following:

  • Systems approach: Effective change results from involving relevant external influences as well as internal subsystems in the change process.
  • Real world relevance: OIS tailors interventions to identified organizational needs and goals rather than offering "canned packages". We develop leading edge programs with an acceptably "low weirdness level."
  • Confidentiality: We hold confidential details of services performed
  • Development of full human potential: OIS believes that organizations can successfully compete in the current global economy by:
    • Seeing itself as a learning organization
    • Actively encouraging all employees to constantly learn and self-develop
    • Valuing diversity
  • Measurable results: OIS will assist the organization to identify outcomes for each project in advance, in order to achieve measurable results.